Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our "Busy"ness

I haven't been able to post on our blog for awhile, and wanted to give you all an update.

 Justin Winters and our daughter, Rebecca were united in marriage on May 22. Many of you already have met Justin, he has been apprenticing here for a few years. He hopes to continue building furniture and cabinetry with us.

Bobby and friends have been attending craft Hamburg, NY and recently took 3rd prize at the Corn Hill Festival in Rochester, NY. His sales are slow coming, but the show managers and staff love them and their products and give them very positive feedback. He is learning much about business and sales.
 Future craft shows include Harborfest in Owego
Fort Klock in September

 Mike and I became foster parents to 4 children, and they have greatly affected our lives.
Kaydance (age 5)  is going to make something of herself. She just started summer school and is earning good points to get a purple bike. Every day, we tell her what part of the bike she has earned. Progress reports home from the teacher tell us that Kaydance is doing fantastic. This is her first experience in any kind of school, and we wanted to motivate her to do well. She starts official kindergarten in the fall.
Dennis (age 4) is also in school and is enjoying his day. He gets up ready for school, and is trying to earn a new backpack. He is also doing well there.
Twins  Todd and Amber (age  2 1/2) have been having seizures and we are working on getting their conditions stabilized. Once Amber got used to the meds, she has been a different kid and is exploding with learning new things.

Coming soon are pictures of the latest library that we finished. It is breathtaking!