Friday, April 24, 2009

What Makes An Heirloom?

According to Webster, an heirloom is " something of special value handed on from one generation to another." We see this often in our business, and also our families.

The obvious heirloom around here is our furniture, not only those pieces made for our customers, but also our family pieces. Our daughter has the first pieces of furniture made by her grandfather. They are special to her because he is no longer with us, yet his workmanship is.

Through time, we receive emails from customers who got their furniture from dad, they still have and love it. Most plan on handing it down.

The pieces made today are all hand signed by the maker and who it was commissioned for, and we fully expect they will be handed down as well.

We also have some antiques and memorobilia that were handed down from our families. We have spoon collections, needlework along with china and lamps. These, too, we are planning on handing down.

But probably the most overlooked heirloom that we were given is our education and business philosophy. The skills my husband learned growing up in the family business is part of our success today. Does it have special value? Absolutely!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here, you'll find out a bit more about all of us here and the happenings that surround our lives and business.

And so, I offer a very cordial welcome to this blog.

Our family business is so different than most furniture

I am so often reminded of Mike's mom, Nonny and her way of welcoming customers into their home which was the showroom for our furniture in their Agawam and Southampton homes. She always had a pot of coffee and some kind a cake ready.

In the same regard, Dad always built each piece as though he was building it for himself. Everything was familiar and comfortable.

It is no surprise that many customers soon became personal friends.

In this busy world, I have often thought that shopping or browsing online is comfortable as well. We can easily get our own coffee mug, get some slippers on, and browse to our leisure. No pressure to buy.

I like that.

We try to carry on this philosophy of no pressure sales whether we are speaking in person or through correspondence online. So, browse away...and if you have any questions, you can feel comfortable to know that while we will work hard to answer your questions, we'll treat you right.