Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Greening Festival

This Saturday we will be exhibiting at the Spring Greening Festival at the Gelston Castle Estate in nearby Jordanville. The Chateau Safflyn is "The ultimate Green facility & resort for truly special occasions." The festival is an annual event to raise awareness towards the environment. Our new line of green furniture, being built of reclaimed wood, fits right in with this theme.

Up to a few days ago, I didn't know anything about the estate,
even though it is only less than 15 miles away.

When we lived in Massachusetts, we were privileged to once attend a musical program in nearby Chesterfield. It was a first class operation, and one thing that remained with me was the introduction given about how someone traveled around the world to find a certain gem, and long story short discovered something in his own back yard. This was the inspiration for that music facility, that being, to create or find something of special value
in your own hometown.

Since we moved here in 2002 we have found many special places.
It is wonderful to find such treasures in the
Mohawk Valley region of New York State.

The link for the Gelston Castle Estate:

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